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Amazon Spends $10 Million To Fund US Recycling Infrastructure

Amazon this week declared a new spending of $10 Million in CLF (Closed Loop Fund) to fund recycling infrastructure in the U.S. This support is aimed at slashing the amount of waste processed at landfills. Amazon claimed that its investment will elevate the accessibility of curbside recycling for 3 Million houses in communities all over the nation, making it simpler for users to recycle and additionally expand end markets for recycled goods, the media claimed.

“The funds will assist redirect 1 Million Tons of recyclable goods from the landfill into the recycling stream and remove the equivalent of 2 Million Metric Tons of CO2 by end of 2028. This is equal to closing down a coal-fired factory for 6 Months,” the firm claimed to the media in an interview. The CLF was established in 2014 to spend in organizations and companies working on infrastructure, services, or technology that planned to offer more accessible recycling service to US communities. Today, almost 50% of people in the US lack access to sufficient and convenient curbside recycling at their houses.

Speaking of recycling, earlier Renault moved into developing electric vehicles so as to help save energy. Renault partnered with a home energy startup company called “PowerVault” so as to make use of the older electric car batteries and also make the solar batteries affordable for the home systems.

Renault plans to lend its electric car batteries to PowerVault so that the company can use the batteries in their home energy storage units. The batteries will enable the users having the solar panels installed to harvest and store electricity at an affordable price. The stored energy can later be drawn from the grid as per the requirement of the consumers. Both the companies’ partnership is going to help the consumers to a great extent.

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