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Limited Edition NASA Watch Celebrating 60 Years Of Space Exploration Program

Anicorn, a watch manufacturer and design firm situated in Hong Kong, recently announced that it has partnered with NASA. Reportedly, this partnership will be focused on producing a limited edition watch, which is celebrating the space exploration program’s 60th anniversary. The latest watch is supposed to feature a metal plate exclusive to this partnership.

Reportedly, the firm will produce only in a restricted number of 60 units, each one is supposed to be numbered and marked on the watch movement. The complete package involves the ceramic coating with cerakote, a “world leader in thin-film ceramic coating technology.” The latest watch also includes a white textile strap with embroidery work that displays NASA’s logo, a metal warranty plate, and GPS partners of Kennedy Space Center, Florida. Reportedly, Anicorn disclosed detailed information about the latest partnership on its Instagram post.

On a similar note, NASA recently announced the call for Lunar Surface Instrument and Technology Payloads that are supposed to go to the Moon on business lunar landers in the recent future. Reportedly, the space agency is collaborating with the U.S. industry and global associates to develop human exploration from the Moon to Mars. Apparently, it started with the robotic missions on the lunar surface and a Gateway for astronauts in space orbiting the Moon.

NASA disclosed its plans to purchase marketable lunar payload delivery services for small payloads and create lunar landers for big payloads, to carry out additional research on the Moon’s surface prior to a human return. Reportedly, NASA is focusing on studies that can improve the potential for science, exploration, or commercial development of the Moon. This call is mainly geared toward small payloads that can be all set for initial commercial flights. Probable calls for lunar payloads are supposed to come at standard time intervals for forthcoming missions, with the subsequent call rolled out in about 1 Year.

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