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Researchers To Debate Landing Location For Next Mars Rover

Soon this week, hundreds of Mars-exploration enthusiasts and scientists are supposed to assemble in a hotel ballroom from Los Angeles. They are supposed to present, confer, and plan the potential landing site for NASA’s upcoming Red Planet rover, Mars 2020. This is supposed to be a 3-day workshop. It will be the fourth and concluding in a series designed to ensure NASA gets the biggest range of data and opinion from the scientific community before it decides where to send the novel rover.

The latest Mars 2020 mission is tasked with not only to find out the symptoms of habitable conditions on Mars in the earliest past but also searching for symptoms of previous microbial life. The landing location for Mars 2020 is of a huge interest to the planetary community. The reason behind this interest is, amongst the rover’s novel combination of science gear for surface exploration, it carries a model system that will gather rock & soil samples and keep them aside in a “cache” on the Mars’s surface.

On a similar note, along with a year of growth in operations at the Pendleton Unmanned Aerial Systems Range, drone firm PAE ISR announced that it is partnering with NASA. The firm asserted that this partnership will be focused on forming and demonstrating the sensory technology on its Resolute Eagle drone. Jake Jacobs, Chief Technology Officer, PAE ISR, proclaimed that the firm is estimated to use the drone’s sense and avoid capabilities for a demonstration in 2020.

Darryl Abling, Manager, Pendleton UAS Range, proclaimed that a drone’s capability to either autonomously avoid or send data to a pilot about other possible obstacles or aircraft will be important to the integration of UAS into the national airspace. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has typically been the major agency for bringing unmanned aircraft into the open skies. Jacobs proclaimed that NASA is working as the “middleman” in this demonstration.

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