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Study Offers Novel Hope To Men With Childhood Cancer Treatment

Scientists uncovered a technique to develop human stem cells that can turn into mature sperms. This is said to be an important achievement in an effort to offer fertility opportunities to men suffering from cancer and men who went through harsh radiation and chemotherapy procedures in their childhood. The results of this study are available online in the journal Nature Communications. The latest research team was led by Sandra Ryeom, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Cancer Biology, Perelman School of Medicine. She also worked as a co-leader of Abramson Cancer Center’s Tumor Biology Program.

Ryeom proclaimed that scientists have been attempting to find a technique to develop and expand such cells from testicular biopsies from last many years. She added that these cells were donated by young patients before starting their cancer treatment. However, there has not been a constantly successful approach. As per the data available at the American Cancer Society, about 1 in 530 young individuals in the age range of 20–39 have faced cancer in their childhood.

On a similar note, recently, scientists at Osaka University proclaimed that they have discovered a novel technique to monitor the effect of lung cancer treatment. Reportedly, this technique might assist in guiding for treatment options for cancer patients. Recently, Dr. Tasuku Honjo came into the news as he was granted a 2018 Nobel Prize for his excellent work in Physiology or Medicine. This award was granted for his discovery of immune T-cell protein PD-1. The latest invention was employed in a group of anti-cancer drugs named checkpoint inhibitors, one of the foremost of which was nivolumab (Opdivo).

Nivolumab is known for helping T-cells combat with tumor cells. However, every patient has a different response approach. It now seems that monitoring the effect of nivolumab on vital immune cells with easy and new techniques might assist guide decisions to optimize treatment.

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