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Amazon To Start Manchester Office As It Includes 1,000 British Roles

Amazon is starting its first office in northern England at Manchester and is branching two other centers to house 1,000 fresh R&D jobs in what it claimed was an important new investment in British modernism. The online retail behemoth in US will generate 600 new development & corporate jobs in Manchester. It will take on an extra 250 people at its development hub in Edinburgh and add 180 jobs in eastern England at Cambridge, the firm claimed this week to the media in an interview.

Doug Gurr, UK country manager for Amazon, claimed that Britain was taking a top role in the global innovation of the firm. “These are Silicon Valley roles in Britain, and additionally cement our long-term promise to the U.K.,” he claimed. The new engineers will operate on tech comprising machine learning, personalized shopping recommendations, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa, and Prime Air (its drone delivery project), the firm claimed. Amazon, together with other US tech behemoths such as Google, Facebook, and Apple, has carried on investing in Britain in spite of any uncertainty posed by Brexit.

On a similar note, Amazon earlier claimed that it aims to start its checkout-free grocery shop, Amazon Go, in New York. This will expand beyond Seattle where it is situated. The Amazon Go store allows shoppers to buy things with the assistance of a smartphone application and has no cashiers. The store is broadly seen as an idea that can change the brick-and-mortar business.

“We aim to start Amazon Go in New York,” a spokesperson of Amazon claimed to the media in an interview. Users have to scan a smartphone application to make an entry in the store. Once in the store, sensors and cameras track what they put back on shelves and what they pick up from the shelves. Amazon then bills users’ credit cards after they leave on file.

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