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Google To Roll Out A Solution For Its Camera Bug That Fails To Save Pics

Now that Pixel 3 phones by Google have arrived, users are seeing the good and the bad of the different software-advanced functions. One problem that some have noticed (all over a series of devices comprising some Nexus or non-Pixel handsets) is a tendency to bounce the important action of saving a pic after it is snapped. This week Google claimed to the media in an interview, “We will be launching out a software update in the weeks to come in order to deal with the rare issue of a pic not being saved properly.”

The firm did not spoke about where the problem lies, but based on consumer reports it appears like there might be issue with waiting for HDR to conclude operating before moving to different app. Hence, an update to the firm’s software for Google Camera can be a fix.

On a similar note, earlier the second generation of handsets by Google namely Pixel 2XL and Pixel 2 turned out to be the target of the same bug. A few consumers reported that they are encountering a problem while attempting to employ the camera application on both the second generation Pixel handsets. Consumers are not able to employ the camera application as it keeps crashing while attempting to take a pic.

A Twitter consumer named @CiarasRamblings defined her issue, and Google answered to it by recommending a couple of quick fix such a clearing cache of camera app. When this did not fix the problem, Google claimed, “Understood. We are aware of this problem and are seeing into the matter.” And as a provisionally fix requested her to put the handset in airplane mode and then attempt to take a pic one more time. But when the problem still popped up and Google ran out of provisional fixes, the firm claimed her that they are operating on a solution.

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