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NASA With US’ Air Force Examines Astronaut Survival Systems For Orion Collapse

The U.S. Air Force and NASA lately tested astronaut survival systems for the very first time after the shuttles of space blocked flying in 2011. Those tests were component of the agency’s training for the first crewed flights for its Orion module. Orion module is designed to take astronauts out of the immediate neighborhood and toward more foreign destinations like the moon and Mars.

The training concentrated on systems that would guard astronauts’ arrival in open water under severe climatic conditions. The agency wants to ensure everything operates safely for spaceflight systems in the harsh conditions that might arise. During the tests, the U.S. Air Force and NASA examined both the rafting apparatus that allow crewmembers to depart the capsule and the beacon systems that aid rescue personnel to track down the astronauts. The crew-safety measure is the top priority for everyone since the Soyuz launch failure on October 11, 2018, that directed 2 astronauts crashing back to the Earth. This fell was just a couple of minutes later their rocket launched. The abort system that took those astronauts far from the troubled rocket had not been used since 35 Years.

Recently, NASA was also in news for losing historical artifacts owing to lax procedures. The Verge reported that NASA’s inspector general office has published the latest report stating inadequacy in how the agency controlled its historical items. From past several years, NASA has in fact lost a number of possessions that also includes Apollo 11 command module hand controllers, a lunar soil gathering bag, and also a lunar rover vehicle model. The notes also state that NASA’s protocol for mortgaging and discarding the historical merchandise have enhanced over the last 6 decades, but a noteworthy amount of historical property has been misplaced and lost by previous contractors and employees due to the agency’s inadequacy of procedures.

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