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Investigational Drugs Targeting Opioid System Might Assist In Minimizing Depression Signs

About two clinical tests of trial drugs targeting the opioid system were found to be effective and safe to reduce the signs of major depression. These results were achieved when the trial medicines were added to the standard antidepressant treatment program. The outcomes of these Phase 3 tests of a drug uniting buprenorphine with samidorphan can be accessed in Molecular Psychiatry. The research team of this study was led by a physician from Massachusetts General Hospital.

Maurizio Fava, M.D. Executive Director, Clinical Trials Network & Institute in the MGH Department of Psychiatry, is the senior author of the latest Molecular Psychiatry report. He asserted that less than 40% of individuals facing major depression see a decrease in their symptoms when they are offered first-line treatment with the latest antidepressant medicines. Reportedly, these medicines are found to be targeting the monoamine-based neural signaling.

On a similar note, in the latest significant study, researchers from the James Cook University (JCU), Australia, announced that they have discovered the relation between a person’s food taken and depression. The study highlighted that the quantity of processed food and fish eaten in individuals from Torres Strait Island is linked to their depression condition.

The research team from JCU was led by Professors Robyn McDermott and Zoltan Sarnyai. They emphasized the connection between diet and depression in individuals from Torres Strait Island. The study was carried out in two distinct places, one with fast food availability and another region with a more isolated island, with no fast food outlets. Dr. Maximus Berger, the lead author of the research, proclaimed that about 100 individuals on both islands were involved in this study. He stated that the participants were asked about their diet, they were screened for their depression levels, and then blood sample collection of these participants was carried out.

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