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Healogics To Participate In National Diabetes Awareness Campaign

Healogics, better known as the wound healing expert of the nation, recently announced that it is participating in the national diabetes awareness campaign. This campaign is carried out from October 29, 2018, to November 2, 2018. It is supposed to highlight the key link between diabetes & chronic wounds and their reappearance. During this week, wound care centers from across the country are supposed to visit the regional physician offices and educate them on the treatment of possible or present persistent wounds for individuals with diabetes.

About 30.3 Million individuals in the U.S. are supposed to have diabetes. This percentage of diabetes is found to be increasing with age, reaching a high value of about 25.2% in people at age 65 or more. In addition to age, the other risk factors for diabetes also include activity level, diet, heredity, and obesity.

On a similar note, the latest research at the University of Sanford’s Running Performance Clinic has revealed that numerous running injuries might be influenced by simple technique mistakes. The recent research can be accessed in the American Journal of Sports Medicine. In this study, researchers observed the injured runners’ techniques. These runners were facing general complaints such as runner’s knee, shin splints, and Achilles tendinopathy compared to injury-free players.

Chris Bramah, Ph.D. researcher & Physiotherapist, author of this study, proclaimed that these running injuries are said to be the most frequent injuries experienced by runners. And this can lead to significant time off the roads. Bramah added that time off owing to injury is an extremely frustrating thing for any runner. The aim of this research is to find out if there were any aspects of running technique that might lead to such types of injuries. If yes, this information can be used to assist runners in recovery from injury and avoid the potential injuries as well.

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