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China’s Nuclear Power Generation Increased By 13 Percent

Recently, an industrial group said that China’s 40 commercially functioning nuclear reactors generated an entire of 193.77 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of power in the first 9 Months of this year. This is more by 13.35% from the last year.

In a report disclosed recently, the CNEA (China Nuclear Energy Association) stated total nuclear power production amounted to 4.1% of the domestic total over the three quarters. Nuclear power had been seen as an important part of China’s attempts to trim the use of polluting and global-warming fossil fuels. China has also launched an ambitious reactor building project that involves prime technologies from the U.S., France, Canada, and Russia. However, Japan’s 2011 Fukushima disaster has prompted reconsideration amid the Chinese policymakers and continuous setbacks to several major nuclear reactor programs have also slowed the speed of construction. China had proposed to elevate the total capacity to 58 Gigawatts by the end of 2020 and it also has another 30 Gigawatts project under construction.

Speaking of nuclear power, recently, it was reported that nuclear and new renewable has brought down the U.S. electricity emission by almost 13%. A recent analysis conducted by the U.S. DOE (Department of Energy) stated that how zero-carbon energy has reduced the power sector emissions from 2005 and that too almost with all wind and solar energy. From 2005 to 2017, the solar energy generation has increased to 1.9% of the U.S. electricity generation and wind energy generation has increased from 0.4% to 6.3%. The U.S. EIA (Energy Information Administration) has informed that the U.S. electricity sector emissions have fallen down by 28% from 2005 to 2017, i.e. from 2.42 billion metric tons to 1.74 billion metric tons. As per to EIA’s investigation, the “zero-carbon emitting sources” defined reductions in 316 metric tons of emissions.

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