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You Will Get 10 Minutes To Unsend The Message You Send Via Facebook

Earlier the feature was reserved for introducing at the right time, the unsend message feature of the Facebook is going to be available to all the users. But the feature comes with only a 10-minute window to take back the message before the receiver reads it.

The short duration of deleting videos makes the hour-long deletion window provided by WhatsApp a great boon. The Verge found that the benefit is listed out as coming soon in the release notes of an iOS client of Messenger.

Earlier in the month of April, TechCrunch has revealed that Facebook had been expectedly removing the message that Mark Zuckerberg has sent along with the other executives of Facebook from the inboxes of the people.

The social media giant has said that it had chosen to do this for corporate security after the hacking of Sony Pictures in 2014. The admission about the hack has only worked as to serve the dent to the reputation of the company at the time of the fallout from the scandal referred to as Cambridge Analytica. As a part of the concession, it has promised to offer the functionality to each and every user.

Instead of managing all the steps that were taken in the limitation of the legal rights, Facebook is not only promising to halt scrubbing Zuckerberg’s and executive’s messages from individuals’ inbox until the new feature introduces to the public.

Though, the way it will going to implement it remains to be seen. For an instance, will Facebook tell the receiver of the message that the sent message is retracted? Fortunately, the answers to these types of questions will be found soon.

However, there is no surety whether this feature will be beneficial or not for the users. But it is certainly a new thing to add in an older social messaging platform.

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