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Pre-Order Is Available For Pixel Slate Device Of Google

Google made an announcement that the Pixel Slate will be available in the market from October, in addition to the Home hub and new Pixel phones, but the Slate didn’t have any scheduled launch date.

Google only revealed that the Slate will come out in the market soon, and we are approaching towards it. However, at some of the retailers the pre-order of the latest Chrome OS Devices, but the users need to still be waiting for some time to have it.

The Pixel Slate is the first-ever Chrome OS that is focused on Consumer that is intended to perform all the functions as tablet primarily. Google has made a huge modification to the Chrome OS to make it more compatible with Tablet devices, but the users can as well plugged a keyword and can use the device like a traditional Chromebook. There is a dedicated keyboard dock for the Pixel Slate, but it will price $200 more than a tablet.

A lot of people are selecting the Pixel Slate that costs around $800 in the variant of Core m3, that as well as 8GB RAM and storage of 64GB. The devices have an upgrade of Core i5 that costs $200 more than its price for m3, and the core i7 device along with 16GB RAM is available at a huge price of $1599.

There are other 3 big variants are accessible at the Best Buy and Google Store. Google mentions a 2—3 days wait for shipping and as said by the Best Buy the order will come around 22nd of the next month.

Unfortunately, there is no additional package offering of the device with a keyboard dock that has unusual round keys. In addition to this, you can add the keyboard, but make sure that the Pixel Slate has a pair of Type-C USB port, same as Pixelbook.

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