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Chrome Will Warn Consumers If A Website Unexpectedly Charges Them

Beginning with the roll out of Chrome 71 in December 2018, your browser will alert you about websites that may try to bill you without your full consent or knowledge. Particularly, the measures are aiming on mobile billing companies, where little more than your phone number is required to place extra fees on your bill. As per Google, millions of Chrome consumers come across pages with insufficient or unclear mobile subscription data each month.

So as to not get flagged, websites will have to guarantee that they are being upfront about any fees that might strike Chrome consumers. That means making billing data clear, not attempting to vague it by placing gray font on a white page, and not employing a fee model that hides the actual cost. Chrome 71 consumers will get an alert when visiting vague billing pages on websites that do not meet the terms.

These all appear like sensible measures. Together with stricter handling by Chrome 71 of abusive ads they must make the Internet a safer and more pleasant place to browse.

On a related note, it was claimed that the current Chrome version will eliminate trust concerns for some security certificates rolled out by Symantec. This has been fraction of Google’s strategies since 2017 when it was found that Symantec’s framework for giving security certificates was not compliant with industry measures. It was also discovered that Symantec offered many companies the capability of issuing certificates in spite of being aware of security problems within the concerned companies.

As fraction of these plans, Google already removed the support for certificates issued by Symantec before to June 1, 2016, with the roll out of Chrome 66. And now, with Chrome 70, any security certificates given by the agency’s brands (which comprise Thawte, VeriSign, and Equifax along with others) based on the earlier infrastructure will not work any longer in the browser.

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