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Astronomers Unveil The Truth That Earth Has Two More Moons In Its Orbit

Earth is being scrutinized by the space scientists for its mysterious facts that have been discovered or still remains untouched. Recently, a group of Hungarian astronomers has found out that there is a presence of two pseudo-satellites orbiting the Earth. Since the early 60s, the existence of dust clouds has been a topic of debate. Thus, the scientists are planning on launching satellites for the interplanetary space missions in the near future.

The two moons made of dust clouds orbit the Earth are located at a specific place that gives it its unique features. Earth’s pseudo-satellites had been named “Kordylewski clouds” in 1961 by Polish astronomer Kazimierz Kordylewski and are found to be present at the Lagrange points of the Earth’s orbit. In that specific position, the gravity between the moon and Earth plays an important role. The dusty clouds avoid showcasing its very existence. The scientists were able to identify via a model that the specific dust particles can be wafted away by the solar winds and substituted by additional cosmic sources including comet tails which proves that the clouds change eternally on a constant basis.

According to the astronomers András Barta, Gábor Horváth, and Judit Slíz-Balogh, polarized lenses helped discover the dust clouds with the help of mathematical model predictions. These are the toughest thing to be found in the dark space it is still an early discovery that the dusty pseudo-satellites exists in our orbit right next to our neighbor, Moon. The various space stations or satellite named James Webb Telescope find the Lagrange points as the best location during their future missions. The ancient astronomical and mathematical toil has helped unravel the mystery behind a couple of dust clouds and is also expected to explore the diverse hidden objects still present in the cosmic backyard. At the moment, NASA signed a contract in early September so as to provide funding for supporting the mission of studying the habitable moon “Enceladus” of Saturn. Thus, the astronomers are all currently living in the belief that they will leave no stone unturned in the deep dark space.

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