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Microsoft Word To Get A New Feature To Assist Users Manage Documents

Microsoft is beginning to test a fresh to-do function in Word this week. The software manufacturer discovered that a lot of users leave notes in their documents as placeholders to include additional images, text, or charts. The firm is now making these notes a more useful with a to-do function that automatically traces when you have left these little notes for others or yourself.

Word has used comments for longer period, but this fresh to-do function will automatically discover where you may have inserted “<<insert something here>>” or “todo:” in a file, and it will collect these as recommendations. Word will then offer a list of these cases, and you can employ them separately or even mention others to tell them to include content into a shared file. The notification will activate an email to others, but you can actually act on the notification and document by answering to that email.

On a related note, Microsoft earlier claimed that it is offering specific Office 365 consumers a gift of eliminating the install restrictions on devices. The Redmond-located tech company has declared that it will offer any Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal user install the tool in as many machines as possible, without charging any additional fees for it. For those who are not aware, presently the Office Home consumers are restricted to downloading the software in maximum 10 machines, while Personal consumers can employ it on one tablet and one PC.

The company will be applying this offer from October 2, 2018. On the other hand, there will be a boundary to the number of log-ins a consumer can perform simultaneously. Microsoft claims that Office 365 Personal and Home consumers can log in to 5 machines at a same time. It has also been declared that Office 365 Home consumers can now allow one extra person employ the suite via their account.

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