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Instacart Rolls Out Grocery Pickup Service In Cities All Over US

Instacart just declared that its new pickup service for grocery will roll out in cities all over the U.S. The new pickup feature works alongside delivery service of Instacart that supports a number of the similar supermarkets.

Any feasible grocery pickup/delivery service requires a broad range of vendors to source from. Instacart has a number buying options that comprise both delivery and pickup to keep users interested and to remain competitive against the likes of Prime Fresh, Amazon’s grocery stores, or even DoorDash.

The grocery pickup service by Instacart is operating with over 200 vendors, comprising a number of familiar outlets like Aldi, Wegmans, Food Lion, Cub Foods, Publix, Price Chopper, Smart & Final, Schnucks, Tops Friendly Markets, and Sprouts. Participating shops are situated in major cities such as Boston, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Charlotte, San Francisco, Nashville, and Washington, DC. Once you install the app, you can buy and search your desired product, choose the Instacart Pickup feature, and then pick the goods.

On a related note, earlier it was claimed that the joint venture by online grocery delivery of Walmart Inc with Uber and Lyft (the ride-hailing services) has ended. This is a potential hold up for the retailer’s dreams to challenge rival Inc with fast delivery of groceries to users’ homes.

The end of the Walmart joint ventures, which has not been earlier reported and was verified by Uber and Walmart, undercuts a dream that the ride-hailing firms placed out. The vision was a service that can competently deliver any on-demand product, including cargo and people, at the click of a smartphone application.

“It is extremely hard to deliver packages and people together,” claimed a source with a delivery firm that operates with Walmart and has direct information of the deal. “They are two totally separate business models.”

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