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Apple Cautions That iPhones Have A Serious Issue

Apple’s latest choice to no longer disclose about iPhone sales led numerous people to believe that the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max are in difficulty. This is untimely, but efforts to encourage new consumers were not appealing. So, the firm had to confess the presence of a severe hardware issue on its game-changing mode. Taking to the firm’s official website, it has cautioned customers that iPhone X models might have some touch problems. The firm informed that the reason behind the same is a part that might be unsuccessful on the display module.

Apple stated that the display or part of the display might not respond or respond occasionally to the touch. The firm added that there is a possibility that the display may react even if it was not touched. Remarkably, the firm has expelled its regular line, which proclaims that only a “negligible percentage” of devices are affected.

On a similar note, recently, Apple came into the news as Alibaba announced that Apple was the highest-selling mobile device brand during its record-breaking 24-hour Singles Day shopping event. Reportedly, Apple was successful in beating its Chinese competitors during this event.

Recently, Alibaba disclosed the list of products in numerous categories that had the maximum gross merchandise value (GMV), or sales through its diverse platform. Reportedly, Apple achieved to be at the top-most position in the list of the mobile phones category. However, Alibaba has not released particular figures on the devices sold or the total GMV conveyed by Apple. Apple was one of the 237 products that crossed $14.36 Million in sales during the Singles Day event. Alibaba’s yearly event is also famous as “Double 11” as it is carried out on November 11 of every year. The latest event was successful to collect a record GMV of $30.8 Billion this year.

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