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Capsule Comes Back With Experiment Samples To Earth From ISS

A capsule driven out from a space cargo vessel came back to Earth on November 11, 2018, getting back experiment specimens from the International Space Station (ISS) in the foremost such assignment for Japan.

As per the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency, the capsule—having dimensions 66 cm in height and 84 cm in width—made a parachute-supported diving in the Pacific near far-east Minamitori Island of Japan early in the morning and was recovered afterward in the day.

This capsule encloses protein crystals developed in experiments carried out on the space station that JAXA states will be examined for medical intentions. High-quality protein crystals gained without being impacted by gravity will be useful in finding the causes of some ailments and developing medications to cure them, as per the organization.

The samples will be shipped to Tsukuba space center of JAXA in Ibaraki Prefecture, where they will be examined for the next few weeks. The cargo vessel of Japan Kounotori7 was blasted off in September on an H-2B rocket, carrying the capsule as well as other supplies to the space station.

The vessel left from the ISS on November 8 and discharged the capsule yesterday morning prior to blazing up with debris from the ISS while re-piercing the atmosphere of the Earth, JAXA said.

On the other end, 1 of 3 computers aboard the ISS has been rebooted by Russia after a breakdown was identified 2 Days ago. Russian space agency Roskosmos’d head, Dmitry Rogozin, tweeted on November 8 that the operations of the computer had been reinstated.

Roskosmos, earlier on November 6, 2018, has stated that 1 of the 3 computers on the Russian module at the space station broke down, but gave assertion that the flaw had no impact on the security of the crew on board the ISS.

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