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Children Can Now Stream Audiobooks Via FreeTime Unlimited By Amazon

Amazon declared this week that it is making over 1,000 children-friendly audiobooks accessible via its FreeTime Unlimited initiative. Parents can also include extra audiobooks using Audible to their children’s gadgets with the help of Parent Dashboard. The upgrade should start launching out later this week. Parents can also include different Audible title to their kid’s library from their personal library.

FreeTime Unlimited permits parents to pay a fixed price monthly to offer their children access to Amazon-approved and age-appropriate content, comprising games, apps, and videos. It also offers parents the capability of setting time limits and access to their children’s viewing habits. Fundamentally, it is Amazon’s initiative for making sure that children never go anywhere online that their parents would not like.

Amazon has extended FreeTime Unlimited further than its Fire tablets, and it now permits children to employ it on Android and iOS. The service, which has an introductory price tag of $2.99 each month, is an easy win for the Seattle-based behemoth. It provides parents a kid-friendly and big selection of content.

On a related note, Amazon earlier made its Rapids (the chat-style fiction app) service free. This gives kids and parents limitless access to a number of stories in its list. Prior to this, the firm took a fee of $2.99 per month for the service. Some of these stories will also be accessible for listening via Storytime mode of Alexa.

Rapids made its entrance a couple of years ago in 2016. The subscription-based service at that time was meant to get kids interested in reading, by offering short tales in the form of text message chats among characters. The thought was that these kinds of stories may be simpler for a juvenile reader to handle. As per the firm, the app is targeted at the age group from five to twelve.

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