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Nasa Releases Video About Mars Landing And Its Perilous Journey

A video has been released by American space agency NASA that shows the perilous journey of InSight probe later this month when it lands on Mars. The film, fronted by Rob Manning, will be describing the different stages termed as EDL or entry, descent and landing. The sequence is highly jeopardized. A similar video was made in 2012 for Curiosity Mars lander named ‘The 7 Minutes of Terror’ which tShen became a viral hit. The InSight video, though not showy, clearly portrays the drama that’s associated with a Mars landing.

InSight was launched in May from Earth and as of Friday, it was still reported to be a couple of million km away from Mars. Project manager Tom Hoffman says that the time of arrival is fixed at 19:47 GMT on 26th November. He said that the ballistic entry cannot be altered.

InSight is different from wheeled robots of NASA like Curiosity as it is static. It will take readings while being seated at one place. This is the first ever mission which will concentrate predominantly on investigating the interior of the Red Planet. In order to measure ‘Marsquakes’, seismometers will be put on the surface of the planet. The tremors will reveal the layering of the underground rocks. The data will then be compared to that of Earth and secrets and mysteries about the formation of the planets 4.6 billion years ago will be unlocked. The French are leading the seismometer-related experiments by providing the broadband sensors which in help in the detection of ground vibrations of low frequencies. The United Kingdom on the other hand has provided a trio of microseismometers which will help in detecting vibrations of higher frequencies. These microseismometers are about the sizes of one pound coins. The development of the British instrument happened at Oxford University and Imperial College London with Prof Tom Pike as its principal investigator.

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