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If Russia Intervenes In Elections, We Will Do A Cyber-Attack: Pentagon

There is no prompt evidence of Russia direct contribution with the midterm elections of the US, but the Defense Department is ready to strike if any of these sorts of thing happens.

The precise nature of the striking is, however, a secret, but the hackers have received the authority to hack into the system of Russia in advance to ensure that they can attack quickly and swiftly, as per reports.

It is as well no confirmed just what reason would be enough to induce a retaliatory hack, but the White House has pointed towards it and said that it majorly would be an opinion manipulation campaign. This is most likely means alteration of vote counts, avoiding votes or interfering with the registration.

These arrangements are thought to be the result of the loosening of the rules by White House for cyber-attacks. However, it was not initially clear what the change has involved in it, the decision probably made the defense personnel to hack into the target network prior there is even any foreign attack.

When the former United States President, Obama allowed for defensive cyber-attacks, they need with the approval of the President for major campaigns or the 3 committee that has the agencies which are out of the effect of these attacks.

Currently, a lot of teamwork involves the Pentagon, the National Intelligence Director’s office and Homeland Security. They have the right to approve some strikers even without getting any approval from the others in the government body, or in some situation even the White House.

However, the ability of quick response might sound good; there are sure concerns that it can develop the issues of its own. The traditional approach ensures that the US thinks about the entire alternative prior to the cyber-attack. The fear of quick retaliation might be the biggest deterrent in the short span.

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