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Apple Won’t Disclose The Units Sold Of iPhones, iPads And Macs

Apple’s executives declared in a conference call last week that it will stop disclosing quarterly results about actual number of units sold for their entire range of products. While this information has set shock waves across market analysts it has added to investors’ jitters who are already confused about its mixed earnings report. Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives said that this announcement shows that the firm is trying to manage the issue of slowing demand and less unit sales by increasing the prices of its devices like iPhones, iPads and Macs computers. In its last quarter that ended in September, Apple sold just 47 Million iPhones representing 0% growth in smartphone sales since last year.

While iPhone sales figures have stayed stagnant during this year sales of Apple’s other products like Mac and iPad fell be 2 percent and 6 percent in comparison to last year’s figures. Despite these discouraging sales figures the company’s sales revenue has been climbing Y-o-Y due to hike in prices of all its products. Apple’s revenues this year for sales of iPhones is $8 Billion more than last year though it sold the same number units. The firm has now launched two new iPhones this year namely the iPhone XS and XS Max with price tags exceeding $1000.

Apple also launched new versions of iPad Pros and Mac Book Air with expensive price tags. Apple CEO Tim Cook told trade analysts that the firm’s decision to stop disclosing number of units sold as it wants to focus on actual value earned instead of units sold. Even though Wall Street analysts obsess over number of devices sold by Apple it appears as if the elimination of unit metrics by the firm is here to stay raising concerns about what would be firm’s next big revenue driver. Though it launched Apple watches the firm has never disclosed unit sales figures and the rumors surrounding Apple’s electric car are still just rumors.

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