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New Medication Can Reduce Depression Symptoms By 46%

The time, when depression was ignored and compelled the people the suffer more, is long gone. Now, depression is considered on a serious note and the scientists are putting their tireless effort to fight the ailment.

Currently, the importance of the ailment is realized but the treatment options are limited and case-specific. In fact, 30% of the depressed people are immune to the treatment procedures, which impose a challenging situation in front of the counselors and psychiatrists. To add to the woes of the practitioners, various studies have proven that the antidepressants have long-lasting side-effects, which also include heart attack, stroke, premature mortality, and others.

To be precise, the World Health Organization or WHO has stated that depression affects more than 300 Million people worldwide, which is one of the most critical ailments and disabilities across the world.

In 2016, the US witnessed more than 10 Million cases of depressed adults with at least one incident of the depressive episode. Out of the lot, only 46% find a way out while the rest suffer due to intense depression.

Now, the researchers have found a new ray of hope, with the potential to fight against the major conditions of depression. An experiment was conducted on 18 acutely depressed and untreated people by the scientists from the Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai in New York City. The study was led by the Director of the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program, Dr. James Murrough.

This team has discovered a new medicine that claims to treat depression. They have taken data from their previous study, which proved that the retigabine or ezogabine is one of the most effective ingredients to treat depression.

According to the researchers, the potassium channels in the ventral striatum of brain focus the resilience to depression. Since this portion of the brain processes reward, the drug will act as a potassium channel opener.

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