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FB Backs Zuckerberg’s Emails Exposed By MP

FB Backs Zuckerberg's Emails Exposed By MPFacebook has won over millions of hearts with its unique concept and state-of-art technology. The series of joyful events took an adverse turn when the scandal of Cambridge Analytica surfaced the market. Since then, the social media giant is being put into the limelight with countless accusations. Off late, it has also been considered as a threat to the wider society, members, and democracy, raising the anxiety exponentially.

In the latest case, the MPs have disclosed a series of internal confidential emails sent by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of FB. According to the Chair of the Parliamentary Committee, Damian Collins, if Zuckerberg is smartly bypassing the interrogating sessions and refraining from directly answer the queries; the committee will take assistance from the emails circulated in the firm to understand the importance of user data in the firm. Also, this will reveal whether or not the social media platform treats the sensitive information of the people with utmost importance.

Damian Collins has claimed that the social network is still giving access to a few favored apps so these can acquire information of the users, which is out of bounds of the privacy guidelines. He also mentioned the emails have cleared that Facebook has made it difficult for the users to track the changes implemented in the privacy settings. The platform also tracks the operational patterns of the smartphone users so the rival apps can be managed strategically.

However, Facebook has responded to every allegation put up against the platform and stated the emails were picked as per the convenience of the selectors so they can frame the story as per their wish and put the social media network under the wrong light.

The point is whether or not the counter-attack stands a chance in front of the series of allegations put up by multiple sources against the social media giant.

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