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Tech Companies Criticize Australia’s Encryption Bill

Tech Companies Criticize Australia's Encryption BillThe latest encryption bill implemented by Australia has faced severe criticism for the immense privacy risks faced by the tech companies and social media network, Facebook. According to the latest law, the government agencies will have the authority to access the encrypted messages from the service providers like WhatsApp and iMessage.

The lawmakers have voted for the law in the name of Telecommunications Access and Assistance Bill. According to the government, the new law will help the security agencies and police to get a proper control over the terrorist activities and other criminal offenses like child sex crimes. However, the civil liberty groups and tech companies have stated that this is a susceptible overreach and will negatively affect the business and the customers in the country.

According to DIGI or Digital Industry Group, a tech industry association, the prospect of implementing a weakness in the system will put data security of Australia at risk. The group also expressed that the present scenario is extremely disturbing and the basic necessities needed by the Australians under the unprecedented new law is a warrant-based system and judicial oversight. However, the absence of these systems may give birth to certain difficulties not only for the users but also for the businesses.

Ben McConaghy, a spokesperson of Facebook stated that the latest law, designed to control the increasing cybercrime will have far-fetched consequences in the platforms like Google or GOOGL and WhatsApp, device manufacturers like AAPL or Apple, Samsung, and MSFT or Microsoft in the security and privacy encrypted grounds.

MIT’s Director of the Internet Policy Research Initiative, Daniel Weitzner stated that it is crucial for the governments to take care of the issues with expertise. He had asked the government to implement effective investigations in the digital environment so the loopholes can be identified with ease.

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