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Hospitalization During Holidays May Be Riskier

Hospitalization During Holidays May Be RiskierAccording to the latest study, the people who get hospitalized during a weekend or local holidays, the risk of medical error enhances manifolds. It is observed that due to the lack of staff and several casual mistakes, the patients admitted to the hospitals during the holidays are susceptible to medical negligence.

One of the authors of the research team, Dr. Lauren Lapointe-Shaw stated that a study was conducted over a period in December when the festive mood flows in the air. It was noticed that the patients who were being discharged from the hospitals in this period are on the riskier zone. She is a general internist physician and student of Ph.D. at the Toronto General Hospital and Toronto University respectively. Her team took records of 670,946 patients into account who were discharged from the acute-care hospitals over the period between April 1, 2002 and January 31, 2016 in Ontario. The team compared the flow of the discharges after segregating the cases into three parts, Christmas& New Year, two-week stretches & two control periods, and four weeks after and before the holidays.

The researchers have also compared the schedule of the follow-up appointments within the span of 7 to 14 days that also included the risk of readmission to the hospital and death within the span of a week, fortnight, and a month.

It was found that a third of the patients were released from the hospital during the period, which had an increased risk and were followed by the physicians in lesser numbers.

In the case of readmission and deaths, the chances increased by 13.3% within 7 days, 18.6%and 25.9% in 14 and 30 days respectively. On the other hand, the risks for the control groups were 11.7% in 7 days, 17% in 14 days, and 24.7% in 30 days.

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