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UK Broadband Customers To Get Refunds Automatically

UK Broadband Customers To Get Refunds AutomaticallyConsumers facing loss in landline or fixed broadband connections will be compensated in an automatic manner.

Openreach and five of the service providers have reached an agreement, which will result in customers receiving a compensation of £8 per day. This agreement is applicable when the issue resolution takes more than two days. Additionally, if the engineer doesn’t come as planned or cancels the request within 24 hours, compensation provided will be of the order of £25, while compensation for the new services not commencing on time will be of the order of £5 per day.

This agreement, which is not mandatory for the industry players to accept, has been accepted by TalkTalk, Virgin Media, Zen Internet, BT and Sky. EE and Plusnet also indicated previously that they will be joining this agreement.

This agreement comes after Ofcom, the watchdog of the industry, made available its automatic compensation standards in the month of November 2017, which detailed payment rates for different scenarios. Ofcom has stated that it will be permitting a setup period of 15 months and it expects the system to be ready by the initial part of 2019.

Openreach has highlighted that it will go beyond and provide compensation when it was kept from accessing its network due to reasons like inability to access a pole on private property or vehicles parked in front of cabinets. However, it will not be making payments in scenarios like flooding, which are cases beyond its control.

Mark Jackson, IT consultant and journalist, commented on ISPreview that this position taken by Openreach, of not paying in these several scenarios, has led to some annoyance especially because Ofcom has instructed that ISPs will have to bear that cost on their own.

This agreement is applicable to both small and medium businesses and home customers.

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