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GovPredict: 90% Political Donations Come From Big Tech Staff

GovPredict: 90% Political Donations Come From Big Tech StaffWith the help of GovPredict— a start-up operating an information engine that measures, follow, and forecasts legislative and political activities, Business Insider exposed the political data revealing donations made by the employees of the global giant tech firms that majorly covers Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Netflix.

The information is harvested from political campaign data covering a period of past 14 Years. It only calculates employees’ contribution in political support and doesn’t reveal organization-level contributions to their candidates.

GovPredict discovered that workers at these huge firms have financed the Democrats by donating millions of dollars, but contributions for the Republicans have been comparatively insignificant.

Since the Year 2004, more than 90% of the total political donations of $40 Million have been funded by the huge tech firm staffs.

Employees of Alphabet—Google’s parent company—were communally the chief financial supporters with net funds of $16.3 Million to the party, and the second biggest supporter is Amazon with the funding of around $6 Million.

The outcomes revealed at a critical time for Silicon Valley. Donald Trump and other well-known Republicans have lashed after understanding the partiality by the giant tech firms. Trump is also considering going with anti-trust measures against Facebook, Amazon, and Google.

In August, Trump also said that Google search outcomes were intentionally equipped against him; while in the previous month, he suggested his Twitter followers to investigate how unfair Google, Twitter, and Facebook are in support of the Democrats.

Director of ICLT, New York Law School, Ari Ezra Waldman said that no evidence has been found yet supporting the assumption that Google is renovating search outcomes against the Democrats.

The maximum donations of $6 Million came from Alphabet staff in the year 2016 to keep Trump out of the administrative center. Actually, except Amazon, all the other tech organizations’ staff donated huge amount in that year

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