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China Companies Forcing Their Employees To Buy Huawei And Boycott Apple

China Companies Forcing Their Employees To Buy Huawei And Boycott AppleHuawei’s top executive’s detention is urging some of the Chinese companies as well as business groups for boycotting the products manufactured by US companies such as Apple, which is going to create a wide backlash. Many organizations from China have sent notices forcing the staff members or employees to support Huawei, by threatening to punish them if someone is found using Apple devices and even offered subsidies to purchase Chinese smartphones.

“I believe that the Chinese people must stand united & support our own products, as the US is aiming at the rise of China”, says Nanchong Chamber this week in the statement, warning the other members who purchased products of Apple would be boycotted. This crisis started after the spread of news where Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou was detained at Vancouver this December 1st. “Treating a citizen of China like a criminal, trampling their human rights, & affecting their dignity, is a very false method for such a civilized nation which can make the people furious”, says an editorial from People’s daily, which is a official mouthpiece of Communist Party in China. Such rising backlashes have echoes of the previous boycotts within China which followed insults to a country and resulted into large and destructive protests.

 The Japanese companies in 2012 were attacked while one of the citizens lost his life due to such mass demonstrations carried throughout China during a dispute with the Japan. Some similar kind of things happened in 2008 as well, after French government has supported advocated of Tibet. The US goods being boycotted by China is a pattern which occurred frequently over the previous three decades, says Rana Mitter. No government departments or major companies have publicly contributed in such boycott calls yet, but large numbers of small suppliers and business groups have been enthusiastically taking part into this.

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