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Uber Employee Warned About Multiple Crashes To The Bosses, Email Reveals

Uber Employee Warned About Multiple Crashes To The Bosses, Email RevealsOne of the emails that was sent from an employee at Uber to the bosses has been leaked and it gave warning about the multiple crashes which the Uber self- drive cars were involved. Also, this leak comes just a few days before one of the self–drive cars killed a pedestrian.

The operations manager at Uber, Robbie Miller stated that the automated cars were involved in accidents on a routine basis. The cause of the same is attributable to lack of sophistication in the technology and the poor quality of the operators. The company is yet to respond to the statements. But the company said through a statement on its website that the entirety of the team is now committed to ensure the safety of the self- drive cars. It further said that the company is highly confident in the team to get them there and that the team is committed to bring improvements in the safety through self-driving, and the testing of the same will happen only when the implementations of the improvements are done.  It also said that the PDT (Pennsylvania Department of Transportation) had already given them the authorization.

A crash in the state of Arizona killed a pedestrian and following that the company had halted all the testing, and the same incident is still under the investigation by the NTSB. It later was revealed that the car operator had been distracted by a television when the accident occurred.

Mr. Miller also wrote in the email that the cars met with accidents regularly. He also mentioned that during February, there had been a lot of accidents. There was also a recommendation that Uber reduce their size of the fleet by around 85% and even the smallest incidents must be attended to immediately.

Mr. Miller is currently employed with a start up involved in self-driving trucks.

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