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CO2 emissions to hit records in 2018

CO2 emissions to hit records in 2018Recent news says that CO2 emissions will reach new heights that will break all the past records till date. Evidently, this is a red signal for countries to step back and reduce the emission of the harmful gas sooner. Due to the overuse of fossil fuels throughout the globe, there would be 2.7% more release of CO2 into the air, compared to the statistics of the previous year.

Emissions have been slowly increasing since 2014, but this year’s figure is indeed a matter of concern. Global Carbon Budget has released this new information on December 5, 2018. The report has sensed undesirable impacts to follow on United States if the nation fails to reduce CO2 emissions.

CO2 has been known to be one of the major greenhouse gases. It traps the heat of the sun rays and does not let it exit the earth’s surface, thus increasing the temperature of the earth. Therefore, it is very obvious that the earth surface is likely to get more heated up due to increased CO2.

India, however, being a developing country with lesser advanced technology to balance or get rid of the emission of CO2 will face the biggest trouble. Its population will of course serve as its added problem. From 2017, the CO2 in India has reached to 6.3% more in 2018.

In China, the figure of increase is 4.3%, the nation has been recorded to emit maximum of CO2. India and China have shown concern over this crucial issue. They are trying new techniques such as solar energy, wind energy etc to reduce the use of coal.

European Union is perhaps the only one to have cut down its CO2 emission this year by almost 0.7%. Their shift to more of renewable energy is most likely the obvious secret. The nations should collectively think about the impending danger and make necessary arrangements.

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