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Animal Bites On Rise Due To Climate Change

Animal Bites On Rise Due To Climate ChangeResearchers from the Stanford researchers have advised that incidents of animal bites will increase in the future. They are considering climate change as the main reason for this. Because of the rising temperature, people are exposed to ticks and mosquitoes. Another reason is reduced availability of the land for the animals, due to increased population encroaching on their habitats.

A lead researcher in this area, Dr. J. Forrester says that we have already started experiencing this with mosquitoes and tick populations.

Currently, the nation spends around $1bn on the treatment related to the injuries caused by animals, and if this prediction proves right, the cost is expected to rise. This fees doesn’t include consultation fees of the Doctor, clinical charges, productivity loss and rehabilitation cost. Considering these factors will the cost would be even higher.

Statistics have revealed that the victims of animal bites are from to the low income group into their ZIP code. Into their ZIP Code, They are from the lowest quarter of the total population, in terms of income. People living in rural areas with exposure to working in the fields without any equipment are considered prone to animal bites.

In case of adults, they could be sole bread earner for the family, and for the children, possibility of getting lifetime disabilities are not ruled out.

Effect on the health depends upon the size and type of animal, health and age of the victim and also on availability of the healthcare facility.

There are a large number of animal species who can attack humans, but majority of the attacks are from cats, dogs, snakes and monkeys.

It is observed that dog bites are mainly on arms, face and hands, while cat bites are mainly on lower arms and hands. Cat bits are considered more dangerous because their teeth are sharp, and can cause injuries deep into the tissues and infect tendons with the bacteria they are carrying in their mount causing rapid spread of the infections.

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