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Facebook Apologizes Again To Users Or Expositing Their Unpublished Photos

Facebook Apologizes Again To Users Or Expositing Their Unpublished PhotosSocial media giant Facebook has had to apologize to users again for expositing their unpublished photos to third party app developers. Engineering director of Facebook Tomer Bar declared the issue on his blog and made a public apology to users for the error. This flaw allows Facebook Login app that users’ access for checking status to see photos that they have uploaded on Facebook but not published to their group. It also allows their group members to view photos that have been published on Facebook’s Marketplace and Stories feature that they may not have wanted to share with everyone in their group.

Bar has confessed that the bug has impacted photos that people just uploaded on Facebook but did not post. This flaw allows connected apps like Google or others that the users apply to sign into their Facebook account can access their user data including usernames and profile pictures. It seems to have affected around 6.8 million users and around 1500 apps that were built by 876 developers. The issues of photo sharing was detected and rectified in September just days before it publicly announced the security flaw which exposed details of 50 million users. The firm has been plagued by privacy related issues since early 2018 since the Cambridge Analytica case became public.

As per further details released about the breach app developers could have accessed photos of users for 12 days but Facebook did not share any details about how it was able to arrive the figure of affected users and what apps could have been affected. Facebook also did not specify whether any of its user photos had actually been accessed by app developers. This issue has been reveled just after Facebook Privacy Popup feature in New York City which lets staffers help people update their privacy settings. Privacy officer Erin Egan said to NBC News that this is not something that can be sorted out immediately by they will act fast and be transparent about such issues.

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