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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Of Greensburg Is All Set To Open

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Of Greensburg Is All Set To OpenAlexis Briggs from Delmont, who is a Medical marijuana user, is hoping that after the opening of a Greensburg medical dispensary, it will make it easier for her to calm all the painful migraine headaches. Just to get the cannabis in its liquid form, the Delmont resident travels to an Allegheny County marijuana dispensary. Briggs, who is 22 years old, said that when he started using the medical cannabis, he was able to avoid migraines. Wherever he goes, he gets absolutely no migraine headaches and cluster headaches.

Solevo is about to open its Greensburg location in coming days. Briggs added that the state-licensed dispensary, which is operated by Solevo Wellness and owned by Pittsburgh’s Keystone Integrated Care, is going to make it more suitable for her to get the cannabis to prevent the migraine headaches. By doing this, Solevo Wellness’s Greensburg dispensary will draw the attention of a lot of people like Briggs and capable Westmoreland County patients. Samuel Britz, chief operating officer for Solevo Wellness of Pittsburgh, said that currently, there are about one thousand county residents who will make the trek for medical marijuana to Squirrel Hill dispensary.

Ted Kopas, Westmoreland County Commissioner and his wife, April, the county’s planning director, said that the Greensburg site will make it easier for their son, Alex suffering from high anxiety and autism, to get the medical marijuana. His son has used it for four months, said Ted Kopas. He further added that it has made a clear difference on his behavior and health. Dr. William Bookwalter, a neurosurgeon and one among the group of 24 investors in Keystone Integrated Care, said that the average cost of single medical marijuana is $150. The medical marijuana is distributed in the form of dry leaf, lotion, vapor, liquid tinctures and pills.

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