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This New Species Of Salamander Can Grow Up To Two Feet, Say Scientists

This New Species Of Salamander Can Grow Up To Two Feet, Say ScientistsRecently, some of the scientists have discovered a completely new species of Salamander, which is said to be living in the murky marshes of the southern Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. This new species has frilly and fern-like gills on the head of the same, along with a very long eel-like body, two arms, and no back legs at all. This species is now being called as Leopard Eel, owing to the patterns of spots that are present on the body of the same. The scientists however have named it as Reticulated Siren, in one of the papers that were published in the journal named PLOS ONE.

The Sirens are basically a rare type of the salamander species, which are completely aquatic in nature. As per the biologist Sean Graham, who is a professor at the Sul Ross State University and is also the lead author of the paper, most of these sirens are actually very boring-looking, with some dull olive green or brown skin which actually bends with the mud where they choose to live. He also added that he was actually freaked out to see one of these for the first time as it was quite unusual in appearance, as compared to the others.

As per the man, the people have been aware about the salamander for many decades, and they have found nearly three museum specimens at the Auburn University, but nobody had taken serious steps when it came to describe them. The justification behind the same is because of the fact that they are actually very difficult to catch, as per him. Another important fact about these species is that North America actually has more kinds of salamanders than anywhere else in the entire world. He said that the country should be proud of this fact, more than many others.

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