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Around 1 Trillion Connected Devices To Generate $11 Trillion By 2025, Says SoftBank

SoftBank operations director Marcelo Claure said that trillions of Internet-connected devices would generate $11 Trillion by 2025.

That presumes that about 100 IoT devices that are connected and intelligent everyday objects will exist for every individual, Claure said in a speech at the Arm TechCon 2018 event in San Jose, California.

“In simple terms, a lot of money can be made,” says Claure, whose company Arm is the biggest developer of computer processors with 130 billion chips, shipped for $31 Billion in 2016.

He said. “A survey showed that 98% of companies use IoT in their strategic roadmaps and that 50% is considered as a strategic priority. And 96% of companies plan to increase IoT spending over the next three years.”

Cars are supercomputers with the integration of thousands of sensors that aid you stay alive or, in case of an accident, launch a call for emergency help, he said. The 5G wireless technology, which will replace much of the existing infrastructure for mobile phones, will allow data transfer speeds of up to 100 times, allowing for a large volume of data and mass computing by IoT.

Simon Segars, CEO of ARM, said in his speech that cars would consume thousands of processors and sensors.

“They do not have to be just data centers on wheels,” he said. “It will be big data on wheels.”

Cars powered by AI generated 20 gigabytes of data per hour, but fully autonomous cars generate 20 terabytes of data per hour, according to Segars.

Drew Henry, vice president of Arm, said that one billion sensors would produce 400 exabytes of data per month. This is comparable to the creation of 150 exabytes of data that the world produces today. For the 400 exabytes, it takes 40 million servers to process the data.

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