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DxOMark rated iPhone XR as the best single-lens mobile camera

DxOMark rated iPhone XR as the best single-lens mobile cameraDxOMarkhas unveiled the official score of the Apple iPhone XR’s rear camera. The phone has achieved a rating of 101 which is the highest rating ever for a single-lens smartphone. After this reveal, Phil Schiller’s, who is the Apple’s Marketing chief, tweeted about the score which is notable because earlier Apple community has rejected DxOMark’s scores because of the reason that  DxOMark has often rated the relatively inexpensive Android phones constantly higher than the iPhones.

It’s important to note that the DxOMark’s latest rating doesn’t include the camera review of Pixel 3, whereas it includes the Pixel 2. So a future Pixel 3 review might likely to surpass the rating of iPhone XR, but for now, XR is at the pinnacle.

Although the report strengthens iPhone XR as the best single-lens picture taker, the highest DxO-rated camera is the Huawei Mate Pro 20 and the iPhone XS and XS Max. Huawei Mate Pro 20 features an amazing threecamera setup at the rear. The smartphone camera has attained an overall mark of 109 which is higher than the iPhone XS score.

Apple is seemingly welcoming the score from DxOMark. For many of the newsmakers, Apple and its media proxies are being two-faced as they disavowed the iPhone scores when their smartphones failed to top DxO. Others say that DxO sells an iPhone camera attachment which made them lower the Apple score to encourage people to buy DXO accessories.Whatever will be the case but Apple is apparently promoting its score.

DSO score shows the detail information captured by the camera lens for a given camera. It also tells how well both camera and lens has performed. The basic quality of the camera sensor and the camera sensor’s performance under different lighting conditions are not the part of DSO score.

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