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Almost 3,000 People At The NJ Surgery Center Reportedly Exposed To HIV

Almost 3,000 People At The NJ Surgery Center Reportedly Exposed To HIVSome lapses in the infection control have created some serious problems for many people in the country recently. As per the reports, it has exposed as many as 3000 odd patients to some diseases such as HIV, hepatitis C, and hepatitis B, among others. A letter from one of the surgery centers in New Jersey was recently sent to notify the patients regarding the fact that they might have come in contact of some infections and that they should be careful about the same. Particularly those patients that had a procedure at the HealthPlus Surgery Center in Saddle Brook, particularly between January and September this year, are actually at a high risk of the same.

The New Jersey Department of Health also investigated this surgery center but it was not exactly clear what prompted the sudden investigation. In the letter, it is mentioned that during the time period of the investigation, it was found that some lapses in the infection control in the cleaning as well as sterilization instruments, along with the injections of the medications which may have exposed a large number of patients to the blood-borne pathogens.

Along with the aforementioned, it is also written in the letter that it is highly important for the people to get tested even if they have no memory of falling sick. However, till this point of time, there have not been any cases that report infection or illness, as per the health department and the surgery center. As per the reports, the surgery center had been closed on September 7 and it was allowed to re-open on September 28, after they improved the control and hired new staff there. The surgery center has taken an additional step in the right direction as it will be offering to pay the costs for the tests as well.

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