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First Ever Approval For The Autonomous Ride Service Issued In California

First Ever Approval For The Autonomous Ride Service Issued In CaliforniaWhen it comes to offering the autonomous ride service in the Californian region, most folks would think of the ride-hailing giants in the industry such as Uber, or Waymo, for that matter, as these are heavyweight. But that is perhaps not the case, as the Public Utilities commission of the state has recently announced that the self-driving car startup named Zoox will be the one to transport the public through this kind of service for the first time ever, in the region. It is reportedly joining a Pilot program as well, where some free rides would be offered to the people, and a backup driver would also be present in the vehicles, to ensure additional safety.

Although the time period of the start of the program is not yet certain, the company has already started making plans about the launch of the paid service by the end of 2020. The company has also been conducting some internal tests as well but the revelation of the plans has not been done by the company in detail as of now. Nevertheless, this is indeed a revolutionary step in the right direction and many more aspects need to be taken care of before the cars start hitting on the road, considering some of the cases that made news in the recent past.

The company is expected to not be alone for such a long period of time. Another company in the business, Waymo, is also taking steps in the same direction as it has already applied for the permission to carry the people on the roads of the region, and it has also got approval for the tests that are completely driverless. But the odds are high as there are as many as 62 companies that operate in this business of autonomous ride service.

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