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Food Allergies Could Compound Multiple Sclerosis

Food Allergies Could Compound Multiple SclerosisAllergies can affect Multiple Sclerosis to a great extent. It acts as a catalyst in increasing the disease as well. Besides pollen, drugs, pets, grass the list is still inconclusive. MS can affect a patient for unlimited period of time and is entirely unpredictable. It directly harms the Central Nervous System that consists of brain, optic nerves and the spinal cord. MS can be dangerous because the disease causes the immune system to cause inflammation of healthy tissues. Thus, the immune system becomes faulty and fails in recognizing the normal tissues. The attacks can get very serious to the extent of destructing the nerve fibers. The worst part is, the disease can occur anytime at any frequent rate but cannot be considered as chronic. It can attack person in any age group but most likely, people between 20-50 years get this.

A study named Comprehensive Longitudinal Investigation of Multiple Sclerosis was held. It used the information on 1349 patients that had MS. 586 had environmental allergy, 238 complained of food allergy, 574 had drug allergy and 427 had allergy for no unknown cause.

People with food allergies were reported to get cumulative attacks 27% more than those whose causes remained unknown. When examined deeper, the chance to show proof of the active presence of the disease was comparatively higher for any category other than the no cause category. In fact, the food allergy category showed twice chances for proof of MRI active disease than category of no cause.

However, there was no hint for any cause or effect to understand why was this happening. Therefore, there was no conclusion whether or not MS caused the allergies or just worsened them. Another study reported that genetics can also be linked with MS. Few said that food allergies could have brought changes in chemicals in the body that perhaps had affected the CNS. Whatever it is, needs to be analyzed more to reach a specific conclusion.

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