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Musk’s Loop Tunnel Uses Age Old Tech

Musk's Loop Tunnel Uses Age Old TechElon Musk’s futuristic firm Boring Company has that recently unveiled its loop test tunnel used old technology that has not been used for nearly half a century. Now roller-coaster firms use under-friction wheels that move beneath the track which is parallel to main wheels as a fail-safe method. But Boring Company used a side friction roller coaster that did not have a coaster so the operating speed of Leap-the-Dips is only 10 miles per hour and there is no support for the wheels to jump out of the tracks when it is moving at high speed.

It is surprising that with this technology Musk is making promises that the Loop will take Tesla’s electric vehicles at 150 miles per hour. This speed was last achieved a decade ago at Abu Dhabi in Formula Rossa Ride by Ferrari which had side-friction wheels and up-stop wheels. According to experts in most roller coaster rides today side friction wheels are used to maintain speed and stability while the up-stop wheels help to keep the vehicle on track and stop it flying away while moving at high speeds. According to expert Pete Trabucco, Boring Company would have used old technology because side motion during transportation would make people feel dizzy and sick.

Musk has indicated that his revolutionary tunnel system which is being built under Los Angeles will have electric cars from several manufactures and will take nearly 4000 passengers every hour across the city’s most congested region. He insisted that the demonstration which was done in California was a simple test of rapidly evolving technology. He insisted that the small 14 foot diameter of his tunnel would enable quicker construction but will enable them to move thousands of people at one time. He however accepted that the first people to test his facility had a bumpy ride as speed was just 45 miles per hour.

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