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Survey Reveals Massive Costs, Loss of Lives dues to climate change

Survey Reveals Massive Costs, Loss of Lives dues to climate changeCharity group Christian Aid has stated in its report that extreme weather conditions during 2018 have caused extensive damage and led to both loss of lives and crops across the year. It has identified four large events that have cost around $7 billion each while there were 10 more that cost $1 billion each. Scientists stated that effects of climate change were responsible for the extensive heat wave this year in Europe and change in weather patterns were also due to heat generated by humans. This is why reduction is use of fossil fuels was a prime subject of discussion during recent climate talks.

Details of the report reveal that the destructive hurricanes Florence and Michael were also linked to rising temperatures and the first one cost around$17 billion while the estimated cost of damages from the latter was $15 billion. Research shows that 50 % of the rains which accompanied hurricane Florence that made the situation worse were due to global warming led by human interference. According to climate experts the speed and power of Hurricane Michael was strengthened due to human activities that warmed ocean water at a greater speed than normal.

Southeast Asian nations also suffered from aftereffects of global warming as Japan had an extreme summer that had combined effect of heat-waves and floods that killed 230 people and caused damage worth $7 billion. UK’s Met office declared that the extreme heat wave was 30 times worse due to rising temperatures caused by global warming. According to Dr. Kat Kramer of Christian Aid though we still talk about this issue we do not want to face the underlying consequences which is why situation has been worsening every year. The worst part of this crisis is that poor people that have hardly contributed to this devastation are the worst sufferers due to their borderline existence.

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