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Americans Agree On Climate Change Issue

Americans Agree On Climate Change IssueSince past ten years now, climate change has been a major issue in the political world. However, the recent polling in 2018 finally showed that awareness has emerged among the citizens of America. Certain surveys that have been held make it quite clear that people believe the impending danger and that human are hugely responsible for it. No matter how strong are the feelings regarding climate change, when it comes to action, views get categorized.

According to both the surveys held by Yale Program on Climate Change Communication as well as George Mason Center for Climate Change Communication, people are agreeing to the fact that climate change is very real. The survey reports showed that around 70% Americans consider that global warming is occurring. 57% think that global warming is highly a consequence of human activities. When American Communities Project re-examined the survey reports and held another study of 15 types of communities, the result was same. Majority in all the communities believed global warming to be real. Again, the majority in all the communities accused humans for the cause.

Approximately 60% consider that climate change needs to be taken seriously and there is a necessity for immediate action. Whereas, around 30% are still doubtful regarding how concerned they should be or in order to take some real action, more research needs to be done. 60% White, Afro-Americans, Hispanics think that lot more is needed to be done. 50% Americans living in suburbs, urban and rural areas feel the need to immediate action.

Nonetheless, the disparity between the political parties has made it harder to decide over anything. 71% Democrats realize it to be an immediate issue, 47% think action should not be delayed. But among the Republicans, only 15% think the issue is important and needs urgent attention. No matter what the public think, the disparity between political parties needs to be resolved to get any possible attention or action.

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