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Bradford Space Acquires Deep Space Industries

Bradford Space Acquires Deep Space IndustriesDeep Space Industries (DSI) had been established to pursue asteroid mining. The organization at present looks into smallsats. The company now has been acquired by Bradford Space. This company is a space technology institute. This American organization has branches at Sweden and Netherlands. On New Year (January 1, 2019) the company took over DSI. The contractual terms and conditions of the acquisition have not been disclosed by the organizations.

DSI was founded in 2012. This company is a combined effort of entrepreneurs and space scientists. The agency was established with the aim of technological development and for extracting water and ice from the asteroids. The company also has plans to use their own crafts to collect these space objects.

DSI was recently focusing on smallsats, which also included a propulsion system (known as Comet). This tool used water as its propellant. DSI promoted Comet as a system like monopropellant systems (like hydrazine); the difference is, Comet comes with a non-toxic propellant which is both affordable and safer than the traditional monopropellants.

On the other hand, Bradford Space has its own eco- friendly propulsion systems. The company had acquired ECAPS in 2017 and these green devices were the products from this Swedish agency. ECAPS has been popular as a manufacturer of non- toxic propulsion systems.

15 spacecrafts are already using these thrusters from ECAPS. 3 of these have been launched on 3rd December on SpaceX Falcon 9. Interestingly, SpaceX also used 4 satellites with DSI Comet thrusters.

The prime intention of ECAPS behind acquiring DSI is to expand its business to the American market; Comet will be a complementary product to ECAPS. On the other hand, Bradford infrastructure will probably boost the sales of Comet in Europe. DSI from now onwards will be called Bradford Space Inc (BSI). The experiments on Xplorer (a satellite bus) will continue under the new name.

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