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Competition For Space Power Begins…Says Shanahan

Competition For Space Power Begins...Says ShanahanA proposal in line with the Trump directive for setting a Space Force as a separate entity under the Air Force Department will be put up before the Congress in February. The currently acting Defense Secretary, Patrick Shanahan will do his best to ensure it goes through.

Promoted to Defense Secretary from being a Deputy Secretary of Defense, Patrick Shanahan told his aides to continue keeping their focus on the existing national defense strategy laid down by his predecessor James Mattis. Shanahan was speaking at the national security meeting held on Wednesday at Pentagon, his first after assuming office.

The National Defense Strategy for 2018 has named China and Russia as the major competing powers for the United States as far as sophisticated air and ground warfare weapons go. Shanahan has shown keen interest in investing in similar sophisticated warfare technology to offset Chinese superiority. Pushing for the development of a ‘space sensor layer’ which was in the initial design phase was according to him  one way of combating hypersonic weapons and therefore of vital importance to the United States military arsenal.

However, as Shanahan moves forward in his role as a Defense Secretary critics wonder if he will be able to make impartial judgments in all military space related decisions considering the fact that he had worked for Boeing for the past 30 years or so and had left the company while serving in the post of senior vice president of supply chain and operations. In his quest for showing his impartiality would he affect the future of his former employer was the fear felt by most of them.

Shanahan had all along supported Trump’s move to set up a separate military branch for space power control. And now that he has become the Defense Secretary the efforts for Space Force restructuring will begin in earnest. Shanahan will definitely lead support from his side though the final word will rest with authorities above him.

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