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Apple Claims That Multiple TV Makers Will Support AirPlay 2

Apple Claims That Multiple TV Makers Will Support AirPlay 2Earlier this week, Samsung made a shocking declaration that its new smart TVs might support Apple’s AirPlay 2 and iTunes content streaming protocol. And it seems like other TV manufacturers will be receiving in some part of the action. The updated AirPlay page by Apple reads that top TV makers are incorporating AirPlay 2 directly into their devices, so now you can easily mirror or share almost anything from your Mac or iOS handsets directly to your AirPlay 2-powered smart TV.

The page further adds on to detail more about how the support for AirPlay TV will work, comprising Siri integration and controls for widget on an iPhone lock screen. It seems like AirPlay TVs will essentially operate similar to AirPlay speakers, with HomeKit allowing consumers ask Siri to begin playing a specific movie in a specific room. However, there is no word on if other TV makers will get iTunes content. For now, that might remain a Samsung-limited feature.

On a similar note, earlier Apple claimed that its streaming box (Apple TV) will be receiving the audio update as a fraction of the tvOS upgrade. “Apple also does not back standards of modern surround sound such as DTS:X and Dolby Atmos, which position sound effects around you in 3D space,” claimed the sources to the media in an interview. “Apple claimed me that the shortage of Atmos is not a hardware restriction, and that support is in the pipeline,” he further added.

Apple TV 4K has a price tag of $179 for 32 GB version and a price tag of $199 for the 64 GB version in the U.S. Apple TV is the video-streaming box of the company and Apple TV 4K is an update over the earlier production of the gadgets. As the name recommends, Apple TV 4K displays videos in high quality 4K resolution.

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