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China Marks History By Landing A Spacecraft On The Far Side Of The Moon

China Marks History By Landing A Spacecraft On The Far Side Of The MoonReportedly, China recently became the first in history by successfully landing the Chang’e-4 spacecraft on the far side of the moon and touch the lunar surface as well, said by Xinhua, the state news agency. The mission of Chang’e-4 was launched in the starting few days of December. Three days were taken by the spacecraft to travel to the moon, where it prepared for touch down while, being in orbit for the past few weeks on the Von Karman crater.

The state news agency tweeted that, an investigation has been done of China’s Chang’e-4 and it has successfully landed on the far side of the moon. It landed at the pre-selected landing area at 10:26 a.m. Beijing time on the moon’s far side. Xinhua said that, landing the spacecraft on the far side of the moon was a technical challenge as there was not even a single direct way to interconnect with the spacecraft while, it nears its target. In May, a relay satellite in the orbit was put by China around the moon to overcome the difficulty of communication.

The astronauts of the Apollo missions has already mapped and seen the far side of the moon but it was first time ever in the history that any spacecraft has landed successfully on the far side of the moon. One of the flagship parts of China’s growing capabilities and heavy investments were represented by Chang’e-4 through the China’s National Space Administration in space. This mission came after two long years of the successful Chang’e-3 mission of China. The Chang’e-4 is quite similar in design to that of chang’e-3 craft and its “Jade Rabbit” rover as well; a bigger load and a lot of capabilities are carried by the lander and rover of Chang’e-4. The space agency is also going to use this spacecraft to study the geological conditions of the space.

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