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Microsoft Develops Dictation Feature For Office Web Users To Aid With Dyslexia

Earlier this year, Microsoft made voice dictation feature available for its desktop Office users. Now, the company is making this feature accessible to its Office web users also. This would help people who are suffering from dyslexia.

The browser versions of both OneNote and Word will allow dictation in the forthcoming weeks so that dyslexic students will write more effectively rather than typing. This would also aid dysgraphia patients who have problems with mobility. Dysgraphia is a disorder that makes it hard to write consistently. Dictation would be available sometime in 2019 in Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint. More accessibility upgradation will be available in the forthcoming future. Microsoft is delivering Immersive Reader to its Flipgrid social education communities. The company is also enhancing the tool with real-time translation and assistance for reading math problems. The dictation feature is also available in Office Lens on Android, currently.

Recently, Satya Nadella—Microsoft’s CEO—stated that AI (artificial intelligence) can make the world more comprehensive. Nadella believes that people should talk more about how AI algorithms can increase the workforce by helping people with various disorder or disabilities. At the WIRED25 Summit in San Francisco, Nadella reported that there are billions of people in the world who cannot completely take part in our societies or economies but with the help of technology they can fully participate. Nadella, who himself is a WIRED25 icon, voted Jenny Lay-Flurrie, Chief Accessibility Officer of Microsoft, as someone who will transform the next 25 Years of technology. By birth, Lay-Flurrie was impaired with hearing and currently, she is completely deaf. She stated a Microsoft research program that developed a plug-in for PowerPoint that automatically adds closed subtitles during a presentation, by transcribing speaker’s words. People in the audience have the option to choose the language of those captions due to Microsoft’s automated translation technology.

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