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LA Has An App For Ordering Cannabis Online

LA Has An App For Ordering Cannabis OnlineWith the introduction of mobile application Eaze, the process of ordering cannabis in Los Angeles has become very simplified. The users simply have to select the product, make payment and cannabis gets delivered to them.

After the citizens of California emphatically voted in favor of making marijuana legal in the year of 2016, some companies like Eaze are leveraging this as business opportunity. From January 2017, since the legalization, Eaze has observed a rise of 80% in registrations.

Notably, the company was involved in cannabis delivery on limited basis for medical usage since 2014 and delivered cannabis after seeking medical evidence of the need to consume the same. Now, the situation has changed, and while the usage for cannabis for medical causes is permitted in 33 states, recreational usage is legally allowed in 10 of the US states.

The director of communications at Eaze, Sheena Shiravi mentioned that previously the consumption was usually with friends and they used to procure cannabis from some designated guy, but now the consumers are more open and don’t mind letting others know about their consumption. She also mentioned that a very large number of people using her company’s services classify their usage as for normal wellness and that it assists them with stress levels and reducing alcoholism.

While people are happy about the legalization, doctors across Canada and the US have requested people to exercise caution, mainly due to addiction and the impact it has on the brain. One of the doctors working with Center for Addiction and Mental Health of Canada, Dr Romina Mizrahi, has extensively researched on connection between psychosis and consumption of Cannabis. In her opinion, it can be injurious to consume the drug before one is 25. She added that smoking the drug before the age of 16 leads to a high danger of psychosis.

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