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Plant Diet Can Have A Positive Impact On Environment, Research Says

Plant Diet Can Have A Positive Impact On Environment, Research SaysA recent study published in October revealed that a plant-based diet is not only good for your health, but also good for the environment. It can help you save your planet. According to a study published in the science journal Nature, the growing population and the increased consumption of food high in processed food and red meat will increase the pressure on environment up to 90% by the year 2050.

Marco Springmann, the study author from the Oxford University said that meat-based diet could lead to disastrous climate change levels that may lead to extreme weather conditions, affecting the controlling functions of biodiversity and forest ecosystems. He said that it could pollute water-bodies which could further lead to low oxygen areas that would create dead zones in large water-bodies. He also added that this could make earth’s important ecosystems unstable.

Springmann said that to sustain a healthier planet, we humans need to halve the amount of wastage and food loss. Improving farming techniques and practices and shifting towards more plant-based eating habits will make for a healthy and sustainable planet, added Springmann.

Sharon Palmer, a Los Angeles-based dietitian, nutritionist and sustainability expert, who was not a part of the research said that if the entire world would eat meal-based food, then it will have staggering impacts which the planet would not be able to withstand.

Palmer also noted that research has continuously shown us that reducing the intake of animal-based food drastically and increasing plant-based diet would be the most important things to reduce human’s impact on the planet. This study revealed that the animal products’ production creates up to 78% of the emissions of greenhouse-gas emissions out of the entire agricultural emissions. A plant-based food could reduce the impact on environment and could save a quarter of fresh water and farmland, added Springmann.

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